The technology of the yoga of sound, part 1

Sat Nam,

In the previous article,?I wrote about some of the problems that are unique to the modern age and indicated that Shabd Guru (the sound that is a teacher; Sha = ego, bd = to cut) has a central role to play in healing these maladies.

I would like to share a bit more about the technology so that we can delve deeper…

The ancient yogis considered that there were 2 caves; the bij (seed) gupha = cave for bringing in new life; male & female sexual organs for procreation and gian gupha = cave of wisdom; tongue & mouth used as a merger with the divine where the tongue represents the penis and the mouth the vagina

There are 84 pts ? 32 pairs of points (64) on the hard palate nearer to teeth. 20 pairs in a ?U? shape on the central part of palate. When stimulated by the tongue ?these points are like a keyboard input to a computer? The computer is the hypothalamus.
The hypothalamus is connected to the pituitary which is the master endocrine gland together they play a key role in regulating hunger, drinking, sleep, moods, emotional behaviour & sexuality. So Shabd Guru stimulates the hypothalamus to change the chemistry of the brain so that it becomes a more highly receptive instrument. It also helps the mental, emotional and physical bodies to integrate more gracefully and harmoniously. In fact there are;

4 areas affected by sound and breathe combination via neuro-endocrine link:

~ ?the autonomic nerves , sympathetic and parasympathetic, that control states of excitement, relaxation and high performance

~ the senses and c.n.s. through the neuro-chemical ocean of the body that connects all the cells

~ endocrine system that produces hormones and controls our moods and the feeling of vitality and energy

~ the immune system?

Just a taster about the potential of Shabd Guru.

Thanks for listening, Amrit