We have 3 Minds

The 3 Minds

We are told that we have one body and one mind but actually we are ten in one; Soul, negative Mind, positive mind, neutral mind, physical body, arc line, aura, pranic body, subtle body and radiant body. I would like to give a brief introduction to our three minds.

The Negative Mind

The sub tractor. Negative ? the place the mind goes to first, the quickest, objective is to protect, looks for what might cause us harm. Essential for spiritual development since it is the choice to negate what is not ultimately satisfying. It is an instrument to negate the unreal, our discriminating wisdom. It is the emptiness of the soul, our longing to go home. It is a deep instinctual need, a hunger. Something we call bad ? misinterpreted as depression, the cause of addiction and co-dependency. It is not an emotional feeling and is therefore not for filled by temporary relationships; others can only be a mirror to our own depth of longing ? not a resolution. It is the reason we are driven to seek unity through another. It is our store of vital energy. The depth of it makes it more subconscious. It absorbs and stores our patterns and blocks.

99% of our activities are to get rid of the negative mind. Yet it is our mental strength. By virtue of it we can then ask, ‘so what is the positive’. This is the same as saying eliminate to illuminate. By finding out what doesn’t work we can affirm what does.

Like an ocean it absorbs unfulfilled dreams and records of life. It becomes a mess to be cleansed by meditation and mantra. Otherwise when overloaded it becomes physical or mental impotency and obscures any sensitivity to being a spiritual being as it blocks energy flowing through the astral plane. In itself it is empty, it films everything about you, it records and holds the memory like water. Our patterns and blocks are put there by the positive mind which can double and triple your negative mind.

Positive Mind.

Involved in addition. Should be just a thin film of water at the surface. The + mind does not touch the depths of the subconscious. It’s job is to stay afloat above the ? mind. It’s a problem solver, helping us to feel useful and allowing us to simply add the smile. Ultimately when the subconscious is cleared and kept clear we can be happy without reason.

Neutral Mind

Gives the soul the capacity to fully experience the emotional commotion of social living whilst maintaining non-attached awareness as more than (you stay in the boat whilst dropping a line). Helps you to make positive mind thinner because whatever cleaning out you’ve done is maintained. Ultimately it gives you freedom from the subconscious mind, which is freedom from our history in making us feel small/limited. You are not moved by the ? or + thoughts and emotions but conclude a strategy. The weakness here is that the capacity to see all sides of an argument can lead to procrastination and indecisiveness. Following through is essential for meeting your destiny. Intuition, sensitivity and receptivity are needed. The mind is now in service of the soul. You become more transparent to yourself and others. Since whatever from the past that was holding us back from is cleared we are present to the full context of time and space and can sense the appropriateness of any action. This is the possibility of concious choice in relation to the world. Otherwise we are inclined to repeat patterns that limit us.