What Is Happening During Meditation (3)

What?s happening during meditation

?Don?t try to solve your problems ? take them to the highest part in you and drop them?.

With the world and with others give your strength. All your pain and nonsense give to god.?(Yogi Bhajan)

?How is the progression described ? Upper Four Stages of Patanjali


5th limb -Pratyahara: stop, remember & synchronise, gather in (withdrawl of senses which paradoxically makes our senses more alive)

6th -Dharana: focus on the object of your contemplation

7th -Dhayana: contemplate ? energetic flow, entanglement with

8th -Samadhi: at one with?..

What do we experience and what does it mean

1st? – Thoughts emotions arise and distract you.

Cleaning out stage. (look at thoughts rather than think about. You cannot think about and witness simultaneously). 2nd? – Darkness / Chaos ? as all sorts of fears, attachments, distractions & confusions. Peeling off the layers, the masks then we? touch a deeper place in ourselves beyond the fears. This is when we start to access the Universal Mind? and find an inner silence.

3rd? – Emptiness that is full / Light in darkness / merging / inner sound


Many of our thoughts create subtle clouds ? a mist, and clarity is lost.? During meditation there is no stickiness of the thoughts to the mind. Thoughts / images / impressions can come and go without latching onto them.


By stopping time and mind (both horizontal). You gain more height and more depth. A vertical axis. Altitude and attitude takes you beyond longitude and latitude (time and space). A+A brings an instant awareness of what?s possible with the reality of what?s going on.


Meditation starts to give you gaps between your thoughts and you start to live in the gaps. Mental activity creates a lot of dust. Hence by stopping all activity you can settle. When thoughts stop you realize that the body and you are separate ? because thoughts are the bridge. Through thoughts you are joined with the body. When the link disappears there is an infinite gap between the two. Then you know that the body will die but you cannot, nobody can destroy you, at your most fundamental level you are indestructible.


Your soul is beyond time and space and since you are a spiritual being you realize that you are timeless and formless.