What is Meditation (2)

What is Meditation, what is happening when we meditate?

I would like to share this part in 2 stages. This first part is an introduction to the soul nature and the relationship between mind and soul. In the second part I would like to talk more about the actually process; what is happening when we meditate.

Meditation is seen as illogical and irrational to many. To discuss it?s value we have to establish a founding principle, once and for all (though we will need frequent reminding). ?WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS HAVING A HUMAN EXPERIENCE? In this we are all equal (I hear comments like this person or that person is ?not very spiritual? which has no meaning).

Our soul is the bedrock of our existence, the atma, the god in us. Our essential nature. And if we assume we are not often touching base, meditation is an invitation to do just that. It?s a very effective way to recycle our constructed self. Take the hidden treasures that lie there waiting for us and line up our projection of who we think we are with who we actually are.

The Mind and Soul need to speak to each other to ?Bring your projection to be concurrent with your soul?s latent potentiality? (Shiv Charan Singh).

The first level of healing is healing the split between mind and soul. It is the ability we have to plug our mind into the universal mind, to become one with it. That is what God is waiting for us to do. Your pleasure is his. Why? Because that which is all there is (GOD or whatever you would like to call it) cannot know it?s magnificence except conceptually because it is one. So it dived itself so it could know that which it is not experientially. That?s what we?re doing ? finding out who we?re not so that we can declare who we are, which in terms of the mantra given by Yogi Bhajan is ?God and Me, Me and God are one?.

You cannot create yourself until you uncreate yourself. Essentially we have forgotten ourselves as children of God made in his image. This forgetfulness means that in ,most cases we have to travel back through the shadow that we constructed in the first 5 years of life and kill and bury the ?hidden self? ? the angry rage of the infant, the infantile needs that can never be met.

When we incarnate we relinquish our remembrance of ourselves. Then we can choose to be who we really are rather than just wake up in paradise! Actually as we?ve just discovered you cannot choose not to be the pure loving nature that you are, but you can forget. The ego mind has led and leads you to forget. That?s why we need to establish a relationship, to put the deeper mind in touch with our soul. This requires that the ocean of the subconscious be cleaned out. That?s where all the (imagined) hurt and pain is stored.

So re-member who you are and remind others who they are. That?s your sole purpose. That is the whole thing!

Every soul is a master though some don?t remember their origins or heritage. Yet we each create the situation and circumstances of our own highest purpose and our own quickest remembering. So don?t envy success or pity failure because you don?t know what success or failure is in the soul?s reckoning.

Your soul doesn?t care what you do for a living and by the time of your death neither will you. Your soul cares about what you?re being while you?re doing whatever you?re doing.

Your soul is the sum total of every feeling you?ve ever had. For the soul to experience perfect love it must experience every human feeling. Love is not the absence of an emotion ? hatred, anger, lust, jealousy it?s the summation of all feeling.

Everything is felt in your heart but there are two aspects to the heart ? the muscular, pulsing part, and the inner sanctum of the heart. This is the place you go to when you feel your unity and it is mirrored in your outer world back to you. There are no images here and no words to describe it. This is the Samadhi or bliss referred to by Patanjali as the pinnacle of yoga.