When To Meditate (4)

4 WHEN to meditate (and WHO is meditating)


“You are the creative source and nucleus of the whole vibratory pattern in which you liveYB (TT Manual p28)


It maybe clear by now Who is the meditator is the you that is meditating to get to your real identity. To eliminate, to witness, to be present takes quite some processing, whether or not we are in meditation that’s why the teachings encourage us to always keep a mantra on our breath. The sound current is the integrator, the stabilising force, the one to quieten down the fearful voices in our heads. Use bij (seed mantras) especially sa ta na ma, (infinite, life, death, rebirth – we don’t get stuck, we can keep flowing through) and sat nam


Actually God in you is always in meditation, but often in sleep mode – not conscious.




“When you prefer the word of truth to your own intellect” (YB)


When mind ends (true) meditation begins

When I am real, this is meditation. It is awareness itself. Nothing has to be achieved. It is not doing. A remembrance (not learning).  A platform to break through to new understandings and insights. There are 3 types of knowledge – the known, the unknown but knowable and the unknowable. Med works on the unknown but knowable – the intuitive self.

Stopping the Mind; 9 things to stop; thinking, reasoning, logic, argument, fantasies, planning, scheming, knowing, worrying. Mind needs to be directed, soul just needs to be uncovered. Stay in touch with the soul to give the mind mental infinity, through the will to be infinite.


During the day


Before and after sunrise (after sunrise the mind is less controllable as the energy of the sun is more scattered. The angle of the sun at 60 degrees is ideal) Metabolism is slower (body temp is coolest at 4 am), atmosphere is cooler, therefore less heat and less agitation in the body and mind. The collective ego mind of the world is mostly asleep so there is less psychic interference.


Twilight times (how you face death)  Read Rehras (evening prayer of Sikhs found in Nitnem)

Before eating – relax and prepare to digest your food – Bhoj Kriya by Yogi Bhajan (a most amazing meditating to practice when your eating)

Before sleeping – drop everything

Anytime – in action, breath by breath, step by step. Kundalini Yoga is the science of perpetual consciousness.


We could therefore say all the time.