The Yogic Process

The Yogic Process

There are 3 processes – Rejuvenate/Harmonise/Eliminate or Gather, Organise and Deliver/Destroy. (Yogi Bhajantakes the fist letters of these words to make G.O.D.)

The gathering in process is the strengthening, the tonification. The harmonisation is also the action of organising or balancing the energies. To eliminate is to cleanse, to let go of something. Our deliverance is the change that comes about through the destruction of something else. Something new can come in. This is also a recycling – turning shit into sugar. Knowing that every cloud has a silver lining.

(1) Rejuvenate/tonify/gather. This is the process of bring new energy in, building up prana, engaging the pingala (right side of the spine) and the raja guna (active). Brought about by Long Deep Breathing (LDB), inhalation and retention of inhale. Also Breathe of Fire (BOF) which is both rejuvenating and cleansing.

  1. Balancing/Harmonising. This is creating a balance between prana; drawing energy from the breath (also from food, sun, water etc) and apana (eliminative power) and includes the practice of suspension at the top of the inhale and holding the breathe out at the bottom of the exhale. When both prana and apana are strong they mix together at the navel to raise Kundalini through the Sushmana, the central channel which engages the sattvic guna (angelic realms). This provides a bridge between our material and spiritual life.

Cleansing/elimination. Yoga helps cleanse body and mind, especially organs that are involved in the breakdown of toxins; the liver and kidneys. Also meditations to release us from our attachments to the past. Apana is the force that helps us to eliminate what we don’t need psychically and physically. It is associated with the large intestine and bladder. It engages the ida (left side) and the tama guna (passive, inertia). It is brought to focus through exhalation and retention of the exhale and BOF