The Process of Creation

Most people have the process of creation reversed. They believe that if they?have?a thing, for example more time, money, a relationship, they can?do?something, which will allow them to?be?? happy, contented, etc. This is?have-do-be.

The problem is the process of creation is the reverse;?be ? do ? have. If you want to?have?a different outcome then you need to generate a different way of?being.?The middle step of what to?do?is a how question. This is the one that trips us up with the first approach ? we look at others and ask questions like ?how come that?s possible for them and not for me, what am I doing wrong?? and many others that show that we cannot maintain a state of being that allows us to remain sensitive, non-judgemental and response to our environment. The second approach takes the second step out of the equation, for example if you are happy you do certain things because you are happy, as opposed to doing things because you hope they will make you happy and then wondering what you missed when you don’t get the result you hoped for. This gives weight to the new age anthem ‘whatever you are being you are creating’ A jump is then made from this to saying ?you create your own reality?. This is the carrot of the new age culture that puts us back on the treadmill of have-do-be because the reality we are encouraged to envisage is related to something that we haven?t got now, and is limited by our focus on the carrot!

Now listen up, this is important.

We are asking the wrong question.

The real question to ask is why am I not in a state of gratitude, contentment, peace etc now?

There are many responses to this question and they are all called complaints!…

If only? which causes us to a greater or lesser extent to feel victimised, and it?doesn’t?matter much how much money or status you have?(just in case you still thought that was the governing criteria for being happy!)

The teachings inherent in Kundalini Yoga and meditation, which bring Hatha and Raj yoga together, give us access to another way of being. This path requires loyalty and training but through it the state of contentment and peace alluded to here become a stable state;

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