Thoughts on Eating

Ask yourself ?why did I stop eating?; was it really because you had eaten enough?

In the book ?Eating the Moment? you are encouraged to keep a 2 week journal considering the following as a list of reasons for stopping eating:

  • Hunger relief: you relieved the sensation of hunger (the next 2 stages are pleasant fullness and unpleasant fullness)
  • Pleasant fullness: you reached a point of pleasant fullness
  • Unpleasant fullness: you reached a point of unpleasant fullness
  • Ran out of food: you stopped eating because the food ran out
  • Emotionally felt better: you stopped eating because you felt better inside
  • Binge witnessed/shame: you stopped because someone witnessed a binge, you were shamed
  • Diet-violation guilt: you stopped eating over guilt about violating a diet
  • Entertainment over: you stopped because you had nothing left to watch, read and so on
  • Company left: you stopped eating because you no longer had companionship for the meal
  • Ran out of fun food: you stopped eating because you ran out of snacks or fun foods
  • Distracted from eating: you stopped eating because the phone rang or you were otherwise distracted
  • Plate clean
  • Got money?s worth: at an all you can eat buffet, you didn?t stop eating until you felt you got a bargain
  • Got sleepy: you stopped eating because you became drowsy or lethargic

What is it that most nourishes you? What is the activity, the principle that you need to give birth to, that needs to see the light of day? This is what needs to be given so that what touches you most deeply is not hidden but shared with others.

Work consistently to find out what it is you have to share and the format that it will be delivered in (recommended books to help in this process; ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller, asks the question; ‘What is the One Thing I can do such that be doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary? ‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olson reminds us that our consistency in small, daily commitments is the difference that makes the difference)

stop going for the temporary fix ? another coffee, biscuit, tv programme, newspaper, gossip or any other distraction that stops your ability to be consistent

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