Yogic Process part 2; 3 Levels of Health

3 levels of health

Let us consider the 3 levels of health and how the 3 processes of yoga give us the tools to recapture the deep and lasting health that vitality brings.

  1. Fitness. This is the correct use of the body. Each muscle, organ and thought has its own strength but at this level integration between them is limited. For example you may have good circulation and muscle tone but stress levels remain high and exercise only brings temporary relief, or it is done solely to look good and without much bodily awareness.

(2) Health. Each instrument is synchronized with one another. There is a link between thoughts and emotions, actions and intentions.

(3) Vitality. Something miraculous happens. Mind and soul work together. A strength is drawn on beyond the finite sense of body and mind. We open the circuit to link more consciously to the abundant and universal life force. Synchronicity is recognised as finding ourselves in the right place at the right time successfully engaged in the right activity. This is known as being in the zone in athletics. All the preparation and training pay off in the moment (not ultimately, as is mistakenly assumed, by our own effort alone, but because we are met by grace. We are 40% responsible for the outcome. 60% is grace, sometimes thought of as luck it is actually the mark of the infinite).

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