An Introduction to Numerology – The One | The Stomach

Winter. The first season.

During Winter our energies tend to gather more deeply inside. Things freeze over, the colder days cause us to contract, this can imply pressure, like the internal pressure building up inside a seed. Less daylight has meant that we are encouraged to cultivate our own inner light. We have planted the seeds of our future growth and intention. Hopefully some of these are starting to germinate. The days are growing longer and we have the sense of new beginnings. There is still a sense of waiting and perhaps needing to be patient in this time of transition but things are starting to stir.

The Seasonal Cleanse.

During Winter we go within to consolidate and reflect. Our energies gather deeper and more internally as the nights draw in and the weather becomes colder. It is natural at this time to eat more and to be less active. However once Christmas has come and gone we start to feel weighed down with the extra blankets and the extra food. Rather than feeling sluggish like we are being dragged protesting it is great to be ready for Spring so that we can meet that energy fully alive and ready for the year ahead. Come February or March depending on how quickly it warms up (not good to fast or eat a lot less when it is still cold) a spring clean is a good idea;

Let’s explore the connection between the Stomach and our emotional/psychological life.

Stomach. The First Organ.

Holistic Medicine means that there are connections between the mind and the body, between the emotional and physical, the psyche and the spirit. These are connections that were explored deeply by the ancient masters of the healing arts.

Let’s explore the connection between the Stomach and our emotional/psychological life.

Food is first taken in via the Stomach. How we feed ourselves and what we choose to feed ourselves is often difficult to determine. The Stomach energy does not discriminate. When we don’t anticipate the consequence of our actions it devours anything that excites it’s appetite. Smell is the trigger. The smell of freshly baked bread, the scent of a woman/man, pine needles, sea salt from ocean spray.

The mouth is the start of the entry into the stomach. The taste buds are first activated by smell and the stomach starts to secrete its juices. Oral fixations can develop as we try to replace the deep contentment we felt in the arms of our Mother suckling at the breast or the fact that we didn’t receive this we may substitute with smoking a cigarette or drinking alcohol. Then there’s the images that excite the appetite; a naked body, sexually suggestive and explicit language and posturing. How the right car is supposed to turn you into a sexual magnet for the opposite sex. All of these things attempting to create an appetite, desire.

Your appetite is your lust for life? What do you do to satisfy it? How much do you live by your instincts and immediate gratification and how much do you live by your intuition? When do you have to suck it to see and when is it best avoided? How do we know when to act and when not to?

We live by our vices or by our virtues, by our animal nature or by our humanity. It is well to bear in mind that to the extent we serve one thing something else in us dies.

In Chinese Medicine the Stomach is called the official in charge of the public granaries and it grants the five tastes. A granary is a building for storing grain. A grain is a small hard seed like particle. We have sayings such as ‘a grain of truth ‘or ‘going against the grain’ (interestingly this phrase is often used to suggest a lack of compliance with the present status quo when it’s original meaning is much more likely to have meant going against the natural order) We need to find our grain of truth, to gravitate down into the essence of ourselves so that we can nurture the truth, the seed of our potential, our soul.

What are we giving birth to and how do we access our potential? If we think of our inner, as yet hidden potential as the inside of a seed we know that we need the right kind of environment, the right conditions and patience and the seed will create the internal pressure to break through the outer shell. This is really about us breaking through our perceived limitations and growing towards the light.

Practically it is good to regulate sugar intake as too much sugar will lead to dispersion and a lack of grounding and focus. You are what you eat and this determines the quality of the blood through which the soul moves through the body.

Exercises, yoga sets and meditations for the one

It is good to work on the spine and our sense of grounding. It is most important, especially in yoga that the spine is kept straight for it is through the spine that the consciousness rises transforming as it moves from the lower to the higher chakras.