Kidneys | The Wise Ones

How are you charging and discharging?

Think of your Kidneys like the charge in a battery and you realise that your lifestyle is significant in how use choose to use this charge up during the course of a day and a life.

If we consider that stress is; ‘the extent to which we let our external environment dictate to us what is important’ we realise that where we focus our time and energy is under increased pressure by all the things that are vying for our attention.

Our external environment is not, of course, just our immediate environment but also the sort of environment we grew up in and how we have allowed certain messages we inherited from our family to become dictates that we still live under the tyranny of, and impose on others.

The discriminative wisdom required to know what is important for us to give our energies to comes from the kidneys and it is why we seek the counsel of elders and equally why as parents we feel compelled to give our teenage sons and daughters advice!

The power of discrimination is also needed as the day wears on and our concentration and our willpower can diminish. It is therefore a useful recommendation to get the most important things in first even if those are tasks we would rather avoid. However passion is a big determinant in what we can accomplish as the battery can of course be charged rather than depleted if we are spending most of our time doing what we love. We also need to be aware of what we deem worthy of our attention; how you do anything is how you do everything. Therefore why not choose to love it all! Our powers of concentration can, of course be weakened through poor quality sleep, stress and ill health.


Zhi the spirit of the Kidneys relates to will power. Power and weakness link to common everyday issues; money, power and sex. The Kidneys are depleted by too much sex and drugs and like the Liver are taxed by eating late at night. When we develop (our common passion is our sense of longing) our ability to discriminate, in particular knowing what not to do, we are mirroring what the kidneys are doing /on a physical level in filtering/cleaning the blood up to 60x per day! We can call this body-mind action, eliminate to illuminate or the know-how of the no.

Acknowledging that we are a drop in the ocean of life; let us merge again with the source of all so that we can relax and recieve