Tea Within Me was born out of Me Within Me. As well as great tasting functional teas we offer training in strengthening the body and mind at the deepest levels through kundalini yoga and herbal medicine.

We recognise that health is rooted in the things that we do everyday and over the last 30 years we have drilled down into what things really make a difference in maintaining a healthy body and mind so that we set ourselves up in the best way for a happy and successful life.

Despite all of our efforts to keep healthy the body is complex and paradoxical. After the loss of our premature baby boy at 15 hours old it was revealed that my wife had liver disease from an unknown cause and needed a new one. Life’s big challenges, and a regular kundalini yoga practice, remind us that we are not our body or our mind, or the emotional ups and downs of life. We are a soul with a destiny and our soul lives on after we die. We have included a donor card in every tea box to remind us of the unique opportunity we have to bring life back to those that our still living once our soul is ready to move on.