Help for ADHD

We are dedicated to helping those with ADHD and comorbid disorders (other disorders that often accompany ADHD) to be successful in their endeavours in life, whether that be in school, in their career, or in their relationships. ADHD and dyslexia and other learning difficulties can severely interfere with the ability to get the most out of education, fulfill one’s potential in the workplace, establish and maintain interpersonal relationships, and maintain a positive sense of self.

ADHD can be present in children and adults and has impacts on many aspects of everyday life. Therefore a comprehensive and holistic approach that has everyday practical applications is needed, as opposed to another product, technique or pill which, when taken in isolation rarely brings about lasting change.

We bring together a number of disciplines that can make a quantative and qualitative difference and cut through the often conflicting opinions about how to treat ADHD successfully and what the treatment options are.

Me Within Me offers a unique and comprehensive programme; all these essential components are not found together in any other method.

Specifically, we ask clients to work on 5 distinct but interrelated keys areas which we call?The Five Keys To Succeed, they are:

1. Finding Your Focus

2. Managing Your Energy

3. Training Your Mind

4. Accessing Your Creativity

5. Communicating and Relating

The Five Keys To Succeed can be taken as a self help programme with on-line and telephone support or through a face-to-face consultancy service.? Each key is covered in two sessions (each session working on a particular element) providing 10 sessions in total for the whole programme.

An free introductory session is offered to explain the ten week programme as well as to let clients know what to expect from the programme.? For adults with ADHD and parents of children with ADHD who complete the 10 week programme we can also offer 20% off a private one on one coaching call every month. Follow up sessions either face to face or via internet link up will always be available.

Each element of the Five Keys builds on the last and enables the client to unlock their potential by minimizing the severity and number of symptoms, developing effective coping stratergies and confidently moving forward in life.

To achieve this we use the most up-to-date coaching and consultancy processes and the most effective techniques from simple yoga exercises to dynamic meditations, nutritional advice, and other natural healing methods. In our face to face consultancy service we may also support these methods with herbal medicine, acupuncture and supplements. Our approach is continually and regularly reviewed and updated in the light of new research.

What are the Five Keys?

  1. Finding Your Focus: An introduction to simple yoga sets, ?dynamic? meditations, increasing your ability to concentrate and maximise on hyperfocused states (common to those with ADHD).
  2. Managing Your Energy: Setting yourself up for success through optimium nutrition, working with biorythms, getting good quality sleep, the use of natural remedies and how to administer them. Along with effective methods for eliminating OCD, anxiety, depression and addiction.? Much of what is currently offered are ineffective herb combinations, or amino acid, mineral and fatty acid supplementation (sometimes useful but not in isolation).
  3. Training The Mind: practical stratergies for everyday problems, eliminating anger and managing frustration, the importance of ?mindset?, intensive meditations.
  4. Accessing your Creativity: Using intuition and projection to achieve your goals.
  5. Communicating and Relating: Developing effective communication stratergies, learning to listen, the importance of positive self-talk & effective self expression, understanding the communication differences between men and women. As mentioned our programme also addresses problems often associated with ADHD like:
    • Dyslexia
    • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
    • Conduct Disorder
    • Mood Disorders
    • Bipolar Disorder
    • Anxiety Disorder
    • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

N.B. The statistics outlined in the next section; ?Prevalence?, should be taken as the most conservative, other researchers have suggested higher numbers taking into account misdiagnosis by health proffesionals and the fact that the client may have compensated for their behaviour in such a way that they continue on, unaware of their condition.


?ADHD occurs in approximately 3-7 percent of the childhood population and approximately 2-5 percent of the adult population. Among children the gender ratio is approximately 3:1 with boys more likely to have the disorder than girls. Among adults, the gender ratio falls to 2:1 or lower. The disorder has been found to exist in virtually every country in which it has been investigated, including North America, South America, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Europe, Japan, China, Turkey and the Middle East. The disorder may not be referred to as ADHD in these countries and may not be treated in the same fashion as in North America but there is little doubt that the disorder is virtually universal among human populations. The disorder is more likely to be found in families in which others have the disorder or where depression is more common. It is also more likely to occur in those with conduct problems and delinquency, tic disorders or Tourette?s syndrome, learning disabilities, or those with a history of prenatal alcohol or tobacco smoke exposure, premature delivery or significantly low birth weight, or significant trauma to the frontal regions of the brain.?