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Keep Up!

  When we have a regular yoga and meditation practice we remain bright, receptive and self-sufficient, embrace the flow of life and tend to complain less. This implies that there is an inbuilt resistance to change and going with the flow when we don’t keep up with a regular practice.   This is true.   […]

If you don’t go within you go without

It has been said that It doesn’t matter what your external life is like if you don’t have access to the soul you are poor The teachings encourage us to; turn our attention inward by closing down the nine holes (sensory orifices) so that our inner light can shine. Our self-illumination can then shine a […]

Yogic Process part 2; 3 Levels of Health

3 levels of health Let us consider the 3 levels of health and how the 3 processes of yoga give us the tools to recapture the deep and lasting health that vitality brings. Fitness. This is the correct use of the body. Each muscle, organ and thought has its own strength but at this level […]

The Yogic Process

The Yogic Process There are 3 processes – Rejuvenate/Harmonise/Eliminate or Gather, Organise and Deliver/Destroy. (Yogi Bhajantakes the fist letters of these words to make G.O.D.) The gathering in process is the strengthening, the tonification. The harmonisation is also the action of organising or balancing the energies. To eliminate is to cleanse, to let go of […]

The technology of the yoga of sound, part 1

Sat Nam, In the previous article, I wrote about some of the problems that are unique to the modern age and indicated that Shabd Guru (the sound that is a teacher; Sha = ego, bd = to cut) has a central role to play in healing these maladies. I would like to share a bit more […]

Problems of the Age 

Chronic illness, including changes happening at a cellular level (for example cancer is the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells), auto immune disease (the system that would normally protect you starts attacking you), hormonal imbalances leading to sleep disturbances and mood swings including irritability and anger, sugar cravings, high/low blood pressure, PMS, low/high libido, addictions/obsessions/compulsions, depression, […]

Naad Yoga – The Yoga of Sound

Yogi Bhajan said ‘Yoga without mantra is not yoga.’ Mantra allows regulation and integration of the powerful effects of Kundalini, allowing us to reach for the heavens and stay grounded simultaneously. Many of you have felt the positive impact of chanting so I want to say a little more about what’s happening Importance of sound […]

How To Meditate (5)

HOW to Meditate (last in this series).   So we have seen that meditation is a cleansing of the subconscious. A way of observing the social and intellectual programming you have received. Seeing how the inner most complexity of your feelings project out into your life. A way to eliminate negative self-talk, boredom, frustration etc. […]

When To Meditate (4)

4 WHEN to meditate (and WHO is meditating) “You are the creative source and nucleus of the whole vibratory pattern in which you live” YB (TT Manual p28)   It maybe clear by now Who is the meditator is the you that is meditating to get to your real identity. To eliminate, to witness, to […]

What Is Happening During Meditation (3)

What’s happening during meditation “Don’t try to solve your problems – take them to the highest part in you and drop them”. With the world and with others give your strength. All your pain and nonsense give to god.”(Yogi Bhajan)  How is the progression described – Upper Four Stages of Patanjali   5th limb -Pratyahara: […]