The technology of the yoga of sound, part 1

Sat Nam,

In the previous article, I wrote about some of the problems that are unique to the modern age and indicated that Shabd Guru (the sound that is a teacher; Sha = ego, bd = to cut) has a central role to play in healing these maladies.

I would like to share a bit more about the technology so that we can delve deeper…

The ancient yogis considered that there were 2 caves; the bij (seed) gupha = cave for bringing in new life; male & female sexual organs for procreation and gian gupha = cave of wisdom; tongue & mouth used as a merger with the divine where the tongue represents the penis and the mouth the vagina

There are 84 pts – 32 pairs of points (64) on the hard palate nearer to teeth. 20 pairs in a ‘U’ shape on the central part of palate. When stimulated by the tongue “these points are like a keyboard input to a computer” The computer is the hypothalamus.
The hypothalamus is connected to the pituitary which is the master endocrine gland together they play a key role in regulating hunger, drinking, sleep, moods, emotional behaviour & sexuality. So Shabd Guru stimulates the hypothalamus to change the chemistry of the brain so that it becomes a more highly receptive instrument. It also helps the mental, emotional and physical bodies to integrate more gracefully and harmoniously. In fact there are;

4 areas affected by sound and breathe combination via neuro-endocrine link:

~ ‘the autonomic nerves , sympathetic and parasympathetic, that control states of excitement, relaxation and high performance

~ the senses and c.n.s. through the neuro-chemical ocean of the body that connects all the cells

~ endocrine system that produces hormones and controls our moods and the feeling of vitality and energy

~ the immune system’

Just a taster about the potential of Shabd Guru.

Thanks for listening, Amrit

Problems of the Age 

Chronic illness, including changes happening at a cellular level (for example cancer is the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells), auto immune disease (the system that would normally protect you starts attacking you), hormonal imbalances leading to sleep disturbances and mood swings including irritability and anger, sugar cravings, high/low blood pressure, PMS, low/high libido, addictions/obsessions/compulsions, depression, disorientation, feelings of helplessness, alienation, loss of meaning, diffusion of identity, errors of judgement and withdrawal.

Coming From

(1) Information Overload including increase in complexity of tasks and conflicting messages. Exposed to masses of information all trying to form / mould you (including e.g.; advertising / social structure / history competing to engineer us). Not easy to know what is relevant / no clear way to filter out useless. All of this is causing a bottleneck of stress and inability to process. Also a constant bombardment of discordant vibrations.

(2) We are living in a time of great paradox: Fast Pace and Less Time. More Global and more Individual and a breakdown of community. Fewer boundaries and more demand for political separation.

(3) Emphasis on the technological and Material side of Life bringing increased complexity, deferred responsibility and lack of human contact.

(4) Success is Measured by our Stamina and Constant Peak Performance.

(5) Illusion of Choice. All knowledge and information is available at the touch of a button but to choose wisely assumes that we have a reference point from which to assess our real needs and determine our values.

What’s happening in technology puts particular demands on us

We need faster processing power

More information storage capacity

Greater Complexity; because there are multi levels, for example within an organization there is less predictability. There is also greater accountability through greater tracking. This means that karmic consequences are more immediate.

More networking and less boundaries. Communication is global which changes the power relationships.

All of this leads to an Increased Sensitivity and Load on C.N.S. (central nervous system). Pollutants and radiation puts an increased demand on our endocrine and hormonal systems.

Now that we are transitioning out of the Piscean Age and into the Age of Aquarius we are becoming aware that;

Info and knowledge are not enough we need wisdom. Knowledge becomes wisdom when it becomes your personal experience. We need to reconcile & integrate the spiritual side of life with the material side so that we can find value & meaning.

The breakup of communities and the unpredictable nature of the times means we are more fearful and insecure. The antidote is more love and unity.

Our actions either directly or indirectly affect many others. We cannot live as though we are in isolation.


Technological complexity will continue unabated so to increase stamina and constantly performing at our peak we need to go inward and regenerate.

Less predictability means we need to become more intuitive so that we find ourselves in the right place at the right time successfully engaged in the right activity.

To appreciate change and learning as lifelong and continuous. Learning how to learn. The many levels and subtleties to learning requires flexibility and adaptability; mentally, emotionally and physically. This means being prepared to let all preconceptions die to discover something new.

Clarity comes from embedded core values and a vertical axis to keep the spiritual alive. A reference point acts as an directive to know when to act and when not to. It is like a rudder to guide and steer us in the right direction when seas are choppy and calm.

We need an integration of the spiritual side of life with the material side. We need a spiritual fitness to give meaning. We over identify with the ego mind which makes us forget our relative value and limitations.

Intellect is not enough we need in-tell-igence. An abundance of knowledge will no longer represent empowerment. It gives the illusion that so much is possible, the illusion of control. In fact it adds to the confusion. Guidance comes from embedded ‘core values’ that open up our capacity to relate intuitively via a sense of the infinite to the unity of the uni-verse.

The coming age will be governed by increased sensitivity and whether we can live with this. People will numb out more. ‘Cold Depression’ will become more widespread. We need the capacity to read the context & relate universally to have a healthy sense of proportion and perspective.

We will introduce Shabd Guru as the solution (Sha means to cut and bd is the ego). It is the sound that is a teacher.

Naad Yoga – The Yoga of Sound

Yogi Bhajan said ‘Yoga without mantra is not yoga.’ Mantra allows regulation and integration of the powerful effects of Kundalini, allowing us to reach for the heavens and stay grounded simultaneously.

Many of you have felt the positive impact of chanting so I want to say a little more about what’s happening

Importance of sound

The entire universe is built on sound i.e. everything is vibrating at a particular frequency. Even things that seem not to be moving like stones are still vibrating at a very slow, low frequencies.

The bible starts with in the beginning was the Word, science describes it as the big bang. Naad Yoga is the merging of our sound with the UniVerse ~ the one sound.

Importance of listening

To listen fully to another and to hear both on the surface but especially at a deeper level what they are asking for is perhaps the greatest gift we can develop but it requires a quiet, calm mind. We are often not listening as we are waiting to make our point.

‘You say things just to say them, you hear things just to hear them. You actually neither say things nor hear things, because you don’t perceive anything. If you cannot perceive, you cannot conceive, you cannot be pregnant, you cannot deliver. If you cannot deliver, you cannot nurse… You don’t need intellectual knowledge, you need experience. If you are sitting here and you want to get knowledge, it is already in you….. What do we experience? We don’t experience Wahe Guru!…We experience self. And when we experience enough self, we become the Wahe Guru.’

‘You listen but you don’t hear. If you speak too fast, too loud you can’t be trusted. Communication happens but it has a lot of cracks in it. It’s not bonded. It’s shallow and reactive there is no flow of the psyche, it’s just ceremonial. ‘Devotees must be expansive; hear Granth, hear shabd, hear friends, hear your enemies hear those who are indifferent to you – you’ll know what their trying to protect themselves from and so you’ll understand cause and effect’ (Yogi Bhajan)

Shabd Guru

Phonemes are the smallest unit of speech that distinguishes one word from another. Shabd Guru uses this atomic level of language.

There are two systems of grammar ~ one normal, the other ‘nirukta’ meaning beyond the forms.When a sounds innate vibration corresponds to or in some way reproduces what it refers to, it is a sacred language. These are ‘fundamental vibrations that resonate with universal energies within us’.

The more you more away from primary languages the less the connection of the word to the object.

Sacred sounds are basic word units that were put together according to the energy, emotion and awareness they create. In this context;

(1) Ordinary language is highly ineffective.

(2) An affirmation is usually a temporary fix and that’s assuming we know what we need. If not it will be difficult to maintain motivation; if it is not a call to our destiny that resonates in body and mind at a cellular level.

(3) Mantras cleanse the subconscious and move our karmic blocks so that we get clearer about what we really need. Man = mind and Trang = wave. ‘The science of mantra is based on the knowledge that sound is a form of energy having structure, power and a definite predictable effect on the chakras and the human psyche… Happiness, sorrow, joy and regret are vibratory frequencies in the mind’ Change the frequency and we can direct our emotional energy devotionally

(4) Shabd Guru awakens our spiritual intelligence. It is our inner resonance meeting nature’s resonance. A care free state of being. This is actually the opposite of being careless. We are directed, clear minded but non-attached. It is being fully at ease within ourselves and this being mirrored back to us. It is called sahaj. It is being confident, cosy and blissful.

Know how not just know what

Shabd Guru gives procedural knowledge that is in your cells and subconscious, not just representational knowledge in your ideas. It informs our formative tendencies to structure our structuring. It is the order behind the order. A spiritual DNA.

The sound is not indoctrinating or trying to put something on you! It is an agent to clear, to awaken. Shabd is a perfect weave of rhythm, sound, tone and focus. The raaga conveys the feeling and the poetry and the words convey the meaning. When a shabd is sung in the prescribed raag it gives the words an emotional charge. Different shabds relate to different common themes which are then conveyed through the mood of the raag. There are 34 different raags which convey the whole range of human emotion.

2 Voices

We have 2 voices one the ego and the other the soul. We are often speaking to others and ourselves from the ego mind. We need to establish a relationship between the mind (selfish and impatient side) and the soul (honest and sincere side).

Shabd Guru gives us a bridge to acknowledge both and get them to work together rather than against each other.

Ultimate aim

Anahat means ‘unstruck’ (the sound of one hand clapping). It is the re-established of the unity of self that has been fragmented, shattered by the ego. To be shunyia is to be zero. The mind is silent but full of universal oneness