Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and massage

(Shiatsu, deep tissue and Thai)


Acupuncture and massage is based on treating channels/lines of fascia which correspond to our internal organs and can easily become blocked. When this happens we feel a loss of energy, tension or pain. Our immune, hormonal, nervous and endocrine systems operate below par. When the flow in these channels is restored then body’s natural self healing abilities kick in and we feel freedom in body and mind; calm, yet .



Acupuncture treatments are often combined with moxibustion; the heating of a herb called moxa which strengthens and moves the energy through warming acupuncture points. Cupping, the use of special shaped glass cups that create a vacuum and adhere to the skin can also be used. This method is very effective in improving blood and energy circulation and can be used for muscular and joint pain, colds, reducing swelling and improving the digestive and nervous systems.

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the oldest and most advanced natural medicine systems in the world. The application of herbal formulas has been continually refined in the light of clinical findings from their first use over 2000 years ago to their application today, and they are still as relevant for complex modern diseases as they were in ancient times.  They are routinely used alongside Western medicine in many Eastern countries. Herbs help to cleanse, strengthen and balance the body.  Each treatment is formulated individually to address the cause rather than the mere symptoms of disease.


We are spiritual beings having a human experience (not human beings having a spiritual experience). We are reminded of this through the harmony of mind and body where feeling good and positive thinking go hand in hand. When our strength and intuition help us to keep up and stay on the path of our destiny. When we are able to creating a relationship between the finite part of ourselves that is limited by time and space and the infinite within us that is not.

As we negotiate our way through life it can be difficult to create the right conditions for our highest growth. We are challenged to define and refine ourselves, on our way to mastery, on all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically and ultimately spiritually, in relation to ourselves and others. This process of uncovering who we really are and living from that truth is often a stressful process and is best managed  with the care for ourselves and the sensitivity for others that it demands.