Karam Kriya Numerology

Karam Kriya is a unique approach to negotiating change; working with universal intelligences, known to us as numbers, to provide a personal, professional and spiritual health check. Karam = Structures that take us through time but with no result other than repetition. Kriya = Completion of these structures and the establishment of Dharmic structures. Dharmic structures are vehicles of awareness that use time to go beyond time. Karam Kriya is a healing conversation and is the foundation of our practice. If it’s your body that needs attention we use  Chinese Herbal Medicine, acupuncture, massage and Kundalini yoga.

 In our one to one consultations we use several diagnostic tools (e.g; your date of birth, pulse, tongue, posture, use of language and others) to provide a window into what mental and emotional patterns are creating stress and what organs and systems of the body need attention. With this knowledge we can prescribe individualised programmes of yoga, meditation, herbal medicine, nutritional and lifestyle advice. This is sometimes supported by on-going healing conversations using Karam Kriya, and or Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Chinese Herbal Medicine.