Causes of depression

There are many reasons given for the causes of depression. A chemical imbalance in the brain is one of them but is this the only reason? What is the deeper cause ?

We are trained from an early age to believe that sadness = badness. Actually feeling sad can more accurately be called our ‘longing to belong’ evoked by the desire we have to find union in each other and more deeply and persistently with God/Godess, the infinite.? Actually this longing is what helps us to see through the illusions of the material world and what sets us off on our search for the deeper meaning of life and therefore a deeper connection with ourselves.

Why does depression exist?

I used to live in Eastbourne and nearby Beachy Head a popular spot for suicide. Different reasons have been given for this; the cliffs are so high at 600 feet that the victim can be assured that they will not survive, or that deaths at the site appear in the media and encourage others to jump off, or that there is negative energy because of lay line convergence.

It is clear to me that the high cliffs and the barren sweeping hills can easily create a sense of melancholy. This feeling often gets misinterpreted and called depression.

Signs of depression and what to do

This longing is not an emotion but something more primal, a spiritual hunger that runs deep and can?t be filled by any temporary material fix; another drug, piece of food, house, car or relationship. In our attempt to fill this gap we amy lose interest in ‘normal’ life and relationships that’s because it requires a relationship to our soul. Instead of being with this gap or longing we quickly fill it in an attempt to stop feeling this feeling we have deemed unacceptable. By doing so we actually cut ourselves off from our source of power. Our power lies within the emptiness itself. Instead we get upset because we can?t get what our minds want, failing to realise that we can actually drink from the deeper well of what our soul needs.

Depression then can be seen as an attempt not to feel, just the other side of the coin to mania and ’emotional commotion’.

Emotions are a natural reaction to life?s challenges but ?emotional commotion? happens when there is a pattern established in the subconscious to react in a certain way.

?Emotion can have two options. Either it becomes devotion, or commotion. If it becomes devotion and enters the subconscious mind, there is no pain. There is no sacrifice which is not easily done? but suppose instead of devotion, the emotion becomes commotion and enters the subconscious mind. Then there is a problem. Then you have a pattern, a style of life. And then the pattern will govern you.

Devotion then is the channelling of our longing, calling it out, which is why we use chanting in Kundalini Yoga.

Emotions – the senses of the soul

Yogi Bhajan talks of the emotions as the ‘senses of the soul’. As we process them we are led into a deeper relationship with our soul nature. Emotions tend to take us back to our past; we are angry because ? we are sad because ? in staying with our emotions and working through them we are released from our past and feel good about ourselves in the present. When we value and savour each moment just as it is, we tap into our soul nature. The primary source of our power.

Alternative treatments for depression

?Don?t try to solve your problems take them to the highest part in you and drop them???

Of all the alternative treatments for depression Kundalini yoga is unique in using a combination of exercise, breath work, mudras (sacred hand and arm positions), points of focus and healing through sound. This combination of elements combine to;

  • Raise Self Esteem
  • Clear and Focus the mind
  • Deal with a Crisis
  • Find a Calm, Still Centre