Looking for guidance through numerology?

Did you know that your date of a birth is an important indicator of your personality and your life tendencies? Numerology is able to find out your strong and weak sides and your character traits and get to the root of your problems. A consultation will help you to understand why are you going through difficulties and what you can do to change course.

Through numbers you can find a resolution for:

  • problems in relationships
  • repeating patterns in your life
  • why you behave the way you do
  • you can understand deeply why the past has been as it has and
  • how to move forward in life with courage.

Answering your numerology questions

Why have a Skype numerology consultation with me?

  • I have been a numerologist for more than 20 years
  • helping people to resolve their problems and understand their life purpose is my mission
  • I can recommend a personalised programme of yoga, meditation and lifestyle practices based on your birth chart
  • A Skype consultation is the easiest way to get your question answered

But before we start you need to know a few things

  • I can not predict your future, but I can help you to understand your past and present, why you are going through difficulties and how you could use the power of numbers to create a better future.
  • Your numbers play a key role in helping you understand your life and how to transform it.
  • Come to the consultation with a question/s so that your numbers can reveal to us where you are getting stuck and how to move forward with strength and clarity.
  • Please allow up to 90 minutes (consultations last between 75-90 minutes)
  • The price for a consultation is £50

Book your consultation here:

Let me know one or two times that are ideal for you and I will get back to you to confirm.

Karam Kriya is a unique approach to negotiating change; working with universal intelligences, known to us as numbers, to provide a personal, professional and spiritual health check. Karam = Structures that take us through time but with no result other than repetition. Kriya = Completion of these structures and the establishment of Dharmic structures. Dharmic structures are vehicles of awareness that use time to go beyond time. Karam Kriya is a healing conversation and is the foundation for working through mental, emotional or spiritual issues. If it’s your body that needs attention we use ?Chinese Herbal Medicine, acupuncture, massage and Kundalini yoga.

In our one to one personal consultations we use several diagnostic tools (e.g; your date of birth, pulse, tongue, posture, use of language and others) to provide a window into what mental and emotional patterns are creating stress and what organs and systems of the body need attention. With this knowledge we can prescribe individualised programmes of yoga, meditation, herbal medicine, nutritional and lifestyle advice. This is sometimes supported by on-going healing conversations using Karam Kriya, and or Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Chinese Herbal Medicine.


?In my own personal spiritual journey I have found Amrit Singh to be an outstanding and authentic teacher. His down-to-earth and straight talking approach is a breath of fresh air in an area often shrouded in mystical jargon. He has a real ability to ?poke, provoke and elevate? his students whilst at the same time remaining humble and accessible as a teacher. With an extensive knowledge of Hatha Yoga, Chinese Medicine and Sacred Numerology to draw upon he is also able to really personalise the students experience for maximum results. You would be hard pushed to find a more experienced and genuine teacher working in London today.

Paul Crawford, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Herne Hill

I met Amrit in September 2009 when I began my Aquarian Teachers Training Level 1 at the Karam Kriya School in London. During this time he has been a constant and reliable source of inspiration. Amrit is not just a very experienced yoga teacher; he?s also shared with us his comprehensive knowledge of the human body and alchemy, his deep understanding of the sacred science of numerology and humanology. He taught us in a way that the material remained accessible as well as being open minded and inspiring. Amrit has always been available to us as students if we had questions or needed to discuss personal experiences that the yoga practice provoked or just needed to process further what was said in class. Now I have qualified as a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher, I am very blessed that Amrit is continuing to share his invaluable knowledge with me and others and I know he is there if I need guidance on my path.

Gian Prakash Kaur, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, London

?I have found the sessions with Amrit massively helpful, so much so that I am going to go to his classes outside of allotted sessions. His guidance and therapy have been key in my fight against depression and addiction.

Service user, Turning Point, London N7

?I have been seeing Amrit for some sessions to help with adjusting to emotional issues after many years of drug use.

The mixture of sessions, sometimes yoga, acupuncture or talking therapy have really helped me to understand a lot about my new clean life and how to cope with things in general.

I found the sessions a great help and I am very glad that I was given this opportunity. I just wanted to write this statement of support so that people can know that this is a great service and I would recommend it to others who are interested. Thank you for reading this.

Diane Cadou, London

?I have been attending one to one sessions with Amrit at N7 for 10 weeks. I have found the sessions extremely enlightening and have acquired invaluable tools for making changes in my life. We have been focusing mainly on some very powerful cleansing exercises within the yoga tradition which I have found quite challenging but with Amrit?s encouragement I have been able to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. This alone has provided me with a fresh look at myself and the inner power I have available?to me which we all have.?I have become stronger and more flexible physically and my emotions have been easier to manage. This has also been achieved through a series of meditations which Amrit has taught me. I have found the meditations to be powerful in centering myself and opening myself up to a much wider, safer world.

Having suffered depression and chronic anxiety most of my life it has been a learning experience which I will always treasure. The benefits have motivated me to look further afield for on going classes and teachings in yoga and meditation. The sessions have given me a lot of hope which I am grateful for.

I also benefited from acupuncture which had me feeling unusually relaxed and fearless for the rest of the day.

I would say that the sessions with Amrit have been extremely valuable to me and I?ve learned potentially life-changing tools which I am excited about.

I believe the benefits that these sessions could potentially provide for service users of N7 to be enormous.

Service User, Turning Point, London N7