The Lungs (skin & glands especially the pituitary, part of the respiratory system) hold the office of minister and chancellor. They are in charge of government. The regulation of the life-giving network stems from it. Airing and refreshing, the receiver of prana. Oxygenates the blood. Interpretation and conduct of official jurisdiction ? a natural sense of justice. Soul is Corporeal (Po) ? the spirit of the body. Moment by moment encounter with the world. Anticipation. Inspiration. Fear or Faith. Don?t be in a storm or surprised. Be the storm. Be the surprise. Be present. Applied consciousness. 3 things to develop; upper palate, pituitary and lungs (YB) Numb out or be available. Negative = depression, grief, mucus forming foods. Positive = Having faith, pranayama, aerobic activity ? 3 x 30 secs high impact aerobic activity, e.g; running on the spot 3 x per week, skin brushing (right side of lung is bigger). Inhale ? consciousness expands, exhale ? consciousness returns. Unattached ? not resigned. The Stomach (digestive system)??is official of Public Granaries?and grants the 5 tastes. First entry of food to inner body. Accumulating and supplying. Rotting and ripening. What comes in and out of the mouth = how we incarnate. We are what we eat, how we eat, why we eat and when we eat. Tyranny is often fuelled by a lack of calm where the demand is ?nourish me now? or poor time management/not knowing what to focus on then trying to do too much. Speeding up to fit everything in we demand that others do to. Stress = wrong belief about the purpose of life, our real needs, why things are as they seem to be, the time scale of our life, and who we really are. Also wrong action in simple things like lifestyle diet, sex, sleeping habits Negative = eating when not hungry & too quickly, impatience. Positive = humility. Instinct therapy = eat by smell.


The Kidneys (& body fluids, genito-urinary system) are responsible for the creation of power. Skill and ability stem from them. Store of prana, the energetic workers, regulating the fluids; eliminating toxins and excess fluids to produce urine. Storing the vital energy ? the battery charge. Prenatal Qi, Jing = Amrit, Heavenly dew, sperm, egg. Reservoir with connection to infinite. Mother?s blood and milk. (Zhi) relates to will power. Power and weakness (links to wealth or poverty and sex) Depleted by too much sex and drugs. Cleans the blood. Works hard blood filtered 60x per day. Negative = Eating late, drugs. Positive = Compassion, discrimination, zen mind; the know-how of the no.
Heart & Heart Protector (& Muscles, circulatory system) The heart holds the office of lord and sovereign. The radiance of the spirit (Shen) stems from it. Keeping order, officiating over circulation ? circulates the blood. Controller, conductor of the other players ? team leader, organizing influence. Links to Aura, psychic defence. Time keeper, ticker. Monitor of physical, mental and emotional state but assumes directorship & control (taxi driver). Esp reactive to stress. Semi-autonomous but assumes autonomy but remember heart rate changes according to breath rhythm. 2 ideograms for Joy ? Xi = aliveness. Le = unity. Emotions affect all organs but heart feels them and conveys them to us. Excitation/?over joy? affects the Heart but the Heart itself does not give rise to an emotion as such. It is without form, there are no images in the Heart. When the whole system is balanced this is conveyed as a pervasive sense of joy that comes when things happen without struggle and we see the perfection of life and our place in it. Electromagnetic field of Ht extends 9ft. Brain = 3 ft Negative = Anger, judgement (clear aura of blame, shame and guilt). Positive = forgiveness, good quality sleep. Liver (& nervous System, hair) Holds the office of general of the armed forces. Assessment of circumstances and conceptions of plans stem from it. The Strategic Leader. The CNS organises; is takes info from the outside and decides where it needs to go ? organ innervation, chemical reaction, response to environment. The Dwelling place of the soul (Hun) the Qi of the mind. Gives us ability to have plans/ideas/a vision/sense of direction/relationships. Hun can come and go too much ? manic – or not enough ? depressed. Hun is naturally overactive in children. After age 7 the Shen becomes stronger & orders and controls. Governs the smooth flow of emotions. Stores the blood. Regulates metabolism. Transmutation; chemical factory. Treatment plant for blood; absorbs toxins and converts into harmless waste, vagus nerve is the regulatory nerve between sympathetic and parasymp. Negative = chronic imbalance of autonomic nervous system; Fight, flight or freeze. Alcohol & drugs. Positive = Ability to sacrifice, Shabd Guru, Education Small Intestines (& Triple Heater, digestive system) is responsible for receiving and making things thrive. Trusted with the riches. Transformed substances stem from it ? 90% of all nutrients absorbed in S.I. pass through and are absorbed into bloodstream. Assimilating, separating and redistributing. Separating the pure from the impure. On a psychic level if given conflicting messages when vulnerable, esp as a child then the subsequent contraction and heat can lead to Heart Fire = mental health pr; confused emotions, relationship boundary pr. Negative = Anger. Overeating -?Colds start in the Small Intestine? YB. Positive = Being Happy without reason. Nabhi Kriyas
Bladder (genito-urinary) is responsible for regions and cities (longest meridian in body) It stores the body fluids. The transformations of the qi then give out their power. Stores overflow and liquid secretions, eliminates fluid wastes, and regulates vaporization. Negative = a sense of loss, grief. Positive = Life nerve stretch is for the whole of the bladder meridian Spleen/Pancreas (& Bones, lymphatic & immune system). Official in charge of distribution. Distributing essences throughout body ? Ang Sung WaHe Guru Transporter of energy ? pancreas controls levels of sugar via insulin. The spleen helps make blood by breaking down damaged and old red blood cells, white blood corpuscles and blood platelets to produce bilirubin and iron. Iron is in turn used in the bone marrow for the production of new red blood cells. Recycling is looking for the jewel in the mud. Turning shit into sugar. Enduring to find the sweetness. When we rest and recuperate we regenerate our inner resources. Yi is the intellect, responsible for focusing, concentration & application in study. It is affected by pensiveness and worry. If the Yi is no longer rising and extending out there will be weakness in the 4 limbs, from a lack of centre, and we will feel tired and sleepy. Illness where you can?t reach the mind eg; anorexia and schizophrenia. Negative = drinking when not thirsty, drinking with food. Positive = good quality sleep, keeping body still, then mind can be still. Finish things/Going Deep. Subtlety and refinement in speech and action. Large Intestine (digestive system) is responsible for transit. The residue from transformation stems from it. Propagate the right way of living to generate evolution and change. Shock absorbers that assimilate and eliminate, the dumping ground, receiving garbage, storing and eliminating. Negative = unhealthy attachments to things and people. Positive = Trust. Approx 5 billion good and bad bacteria in the colon and about 5 billion on the planet ? every virtue and virus is within us.

Gallbladder (digestive system) is responsible for what is just and exact. Determination and decision stem from it. Courage and daring ? no hesitation. ?Da dan? = ‘big gall?. Stores and concentrates bile. Bile emulsifies fat and allows it to be absorbed into the lymphatic system. Positive = listening (meridian circles the ears) Negative = No balance ? all or nothing