What is Shiatsu and what are the benefits?

Shiatsu is a dynamic form of massage performed through loose clothing. It uses thumb, finger, palm, elbow, forearm, knee and foot pressure. Rocking, stretches, rotations and lifts are all incorporated to stimulate acupuncture points and Jing Jin tendinomuscular channels

Our energy flows along well defined channels, known as Jing Jin tendinomuscular channels. When this flow is obstructed our energy becomes depleted in some areas and tight in others. This is mirrored in bodily organs and their corresponding channels each of which has a tendency to become either too full or too empty. This is because in our response to stress we often over or under compensate causing constriction or depletion. This leads over time to many health problems on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Shiatsu creates a more harmonious flow to eliminate tension and fatigue and release the knots that bind us.


The Treatment

Treatment usually takes place on a futon on the floor, although it is also possible to receive treatment on a massage table or even sitting.

We will then have a discussion about your health as well as your presenting symptoms.

In our one to one consultations we use several diagnostic tools (e.g; your date of birth, pulse, tongue, posture, use of language and others) to provide a window into what mental and emotional patterns are creating stress and what organs and systems of the body need attention. With this knowledge we can prescribe individualised programmes of yoga, meditation, herbal medicine, nutritional and lifestyle advice. This is sometimes supported by on-going healing conversations using Karam Kriya, and or Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Chinese Herbal Medicine.