The problems of these times

Problems of these times

Chronic illness, including changes happening at a cellular level (for example cancer is the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells), auto immune disease (the system that would normally protect you starts attacking you), hormonal imbalances leading to disturbed sleep patterns and mood swings including irritability and anger, sugar cravings, high/low blood pressure, PMS, low/high libido, addictions/obsessions/compulsions, depression, disorientation, feelings of helplessness, alienation, loss of meaning, diffusion of identity, errors of judgement and withdrawal. This is coming from several unparalleld changes:

(1) Information Overload

Including increase in complexity of tasks and conflicting messages. Exposed to masses of information all trying to form/mould you (including e.g.; advertising/social structure/history competing to engineer us). Not easy to know what is relevant/no clear way to filter out useless. All of this is causing a bottleneck of stress and inability to process. Also a constant bombardment of discordant vibrations.

(2)?We are living in a time of great paradox

  • Fast pace and less time.
  • More global and yet demands to be individualise; to be unique.
  • A breakdown of extended communities, especially the extended family that would often live together, and so a need for other communities to establish. Often crowded cities have the most single people living alone and feeling isolated.
  • Fewer boundaries and yet more demand for political separation/clear demarcation of policies as a consequence; diffusion of identity makes some look towards ‘leaders’ to give them a voice.?

(3) An emphasis on the technological and material side of bringing increased complexity, deferred responsibility and lack of human contact.

(4) Success is measured by our stamina and constant peak performance.

(5) Illusion of Choice.

All knowledge and information is available at the touch of a button but to choose wisely assumes that we have a reference point from which to assess our real needs and determine our values.

What?s happening in technology puts particular demands on us

We need faster processing power.

More information storage capacity

Greater Complexity; because there are multi levels, for example within an organization there is less predictability. There is also greater accountability through greater tracking. This means that karmic consequences are more immediate.

More networking and less boundaries. Communication is global which changes the power relationships.?

Pollutants and radiation puts an increased demand on our endocrine and hormonal systems. All of this leads to an increased sensitivity and load on the C.N.S?(central nervous system)

The end of the Piscean Age and the begining of the Age of Aquarius

Now that we are transitioning out of the Piscean age and into the age of Aquarius we are becoming aware that;

Info and knowledge are not enough we need wisdom. Knowledge becomes wisdom when it becomes your personal experience. We need to reconcile & integrate the spiritual side of life with the material side so that we can find value & meaning.?

The breakup of communities and the unpredictable nature of the times means we are more fearful and insecure. The antidote is more love and unity.

Our actions either directly or indirectly affect many others.?We cannot live as though we are in isolation.

What Is Needed?

Technological complexity will continue unabated so to increase stamina and constantly performing at our peak we need to go inward and regenerate.

Less predictability means we need to become more intuitive so that we find ourselves in the right place at the right time successfully engaged in the right activity.

To appreciate change and learning as lifelong and continuous. Learning how to learn. The many levels and subtleties to learning requires flexibility and adaptability; mentally, emotionally and physically. This means being prepared to let all preconceptions die to discover something new.

Clarity comes from embedded core values and a vertical axis to keep the spiritual alive. A reference point acts as an directive to know when to act and when not to. It is like a rudder to guide and steer us in the right direction whether seas are choppy or calm.

We need an integration of the spiritual side of life with the material side. We need a spiritual fitness to give meaning. We over identify with the ego mind which makes us forget our relative value and limitations.?

Intellect is not enough we need in-tell-igence. An abundance of knowledge will no longer represent empowerment.?It gives the illusion that so much is possible, the illusion of control. In fact it adds to the confusion. Guidance comes from embedded ?core values? that open up our capacity to relate intuitively via a sense of the infinite to the unity of the uni-verse.

The coming age will be governed by increased sensitivity and whether we can live with this. People will numb out more. ‘Cold Depression’ will become more widespread. We need the capacity to read the context & relate universally to have a healthy sense of proportion and perspective.

Read about the solution in the post; mantra, shabd and the yoga of sound

Mental Health and Choice

Everyone’s life is full of all kind of symptoms and co-morbidities.
It is just a matter of a continuum. Some have more, others less.
The same with health and the balance between the life instinct and the death instinct. Everyone is always in the midst of that struggle and each is in a different place along the continuum.
The professionals decide the points along these lines where things get labelled as a condition requiring special attention.
In the end our work is to become more conscious. More conscious of what? That we are a spiritual being having a human experience. That our identity is a spiritual one, first and foremost.
What this means is that our soul doesn?t have ADD, bipolar, schizophrenia, OCD. Our soul is not in the least bit anxious or depressed. And what do we mean when we say soul? We mean our essence, our base, the One in us. So, on the deepest level there is no dis-ease.
How does the realisation that we are essentially perfect, free beings help us if we are struggling and in pain? If we come back to the objective of becoming more conscious, consciousness implies that we have a choice to react, to behave in a certain way.
Now, sometimes we only realise that we were behaving in an unconscious way after the event, for example; ? we lose our temper and we only realise later that there was a chance, a choice moment, however fleeting to have responded without anger, calmly even.
The reasons we don?t feel like we have a choice, or even that it is an affront to your sensibilities that I even suggest there was a choice (given your family, given the drugs, given the regime, given the unfairness of it all) are complex and varied.
My only invitation here is to give us a starting point for discussion; When am I reacting out of my past, old behavioural patterns and fear, and when I am choosing to respond with alignment and integrity? And how can I do the things that set me up to have more alignment and integrity?