Crossing the Ocean of Life

Crossing the Ocean of Life

?Happiness is your birthright? (Yogi Bhajan)

“It’s natural to maintain uplifted spirits, whatever we are facing. Every moment of life is to be savoured and enjoyed.”

‘Is it an overstatement to say that every moment is to be enjoyed?’


‘Well when will I start to experience the Promised Land!?’

‘That’s as long as the proverbial piece of string as it depends how much karma you need to burn and on not creating anymore.’

‘Is there a way to burn karma? Is there an assured path to tread to take me there?’


‘It’s called dharma (dhar; a door beyond the ma; maya/illusion). It’s a ship, a 5 star ocean liner to take you across the choppy, burning seas of life…. Come on jump aboard’

‘That’s a strange name for a boat, I don’t know, is it safe? I can’t see what’s inside’

‘I’ve been inside. It’s very beautiful. They have all sorts of fun activities, it’s very comfortable. They serve great food. You will have to take my word for it though. I can’t show you inside and besides you will have a very different experience once on board’

‘What do you mean a different experience?’

‘You will see and feel things differently’

‘Can I trust you?’

‘Do I look like someone who would trick you?’

‘Well what’s the other option?’

‘The luxury cruise liner apart from being so very beautiful will save you from drowning, or burning, or both. Otherwise I can offer you this little wooden 6ft by 2ft boat. It very flimsy and you have to row all the way. You can see inside but just so that you know you’ve very likely to capsize. You may be swallowed by sharks, or if you boat capsizes near an oil slick, be burnt alive. Or the boat may just be battered to smithereens by the relentless waves crashing against it. If you do make it I can’t vouch for the state you’ll be in when you get there.’

‘Sorry but if it’s alright with you I’m choosing the wooden boat’

‘It’s fine with me. Good Luck’

‘If you change your mind we can always come and pick you up’

‘Thanks I’ll manage’