“I had forgotten it was possible to feel this alive”

R Kaur, Holistic Health Consultant, Middlesex


“After suffering from eczema for the last two and a half years and having little success from using conventional methods I decided I would take a different approach to healing my skin.

Using a combination of herbal medicine, adjusting my diet and a strong focus of self acceptance through the practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation my Eczema has healed within just two months.

Me within me’s advice and guidance really helped not only with my skin, but also showed me how to look more within, allowing me to connect more deeply with the inner me. Through the work they have done with me I now feel more confident and happy”.

Lada Burghartova, masseuse, Eastbourne


” Kundalini yoga truly has changed my life. It has enabled me to clear my mind so as to move forward more positively and put me more in tune with the world around me.
Amrit who teaches the classes has inspired me to become the person I wanted to become and eminates such warmth,compassion & understanding. I can not praise Kundalini Yoga enough & would highly recommend it to everyone. ”

Tim Tarkin, Chef, Eastbourne


“I feel very blessed to be taught by Amrit who is a very inspirational teacher.? Through his knowledge of Kundalini yoga, the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and now his Healers Training course he has shown me a path to a real and lasting internal happiness and renewed love of life. This has been a truly life changing experience and one which I would recommend without hesitation to anyone”

Michael Kearton, Shop owner, Eastbourne


‘Amrit, is an immensely powerful and humble master of Kundalini Yoga, whom I cannot recommend highly enough. He has a way of not just teaching and sharing his knowledge, but totally embodying the principles he teaches outside of the practice, which is truly inspiring.
His gentle presence and high energy, creates a special atmosphere where I always feel inspired to push the boundaries of my comfort zone and access something deeper within. The sessions leave me feeling incredible.
Come prepared to let go and you will leave feeling lighter, brighter and oftentimes slightly euphoric”
Brian O’Keeffe, Marketing Consultant, Ireland


“Initially I used acupuncture to detox from an addiction problem that had left me very physically and mentally depleted. Later I found Amrit’s physically intuitive style of acupuncture and Chinese herbs worked on my health on a deeper level, developing my physical stamina and releasing energy. With herbs like “Relaxed Wanderer”, which I coined “my magic potion” I have gone to existing in a highly debilitated state where I hardly had the energy to do one class a week to having just completed a full time degree with all it’s physical and mental demands. Something that would have been impossible previous to Amrit’s combined treatments.”

Jane Philips, London


“I feel very light, very upright and very relaxed”

“I think what you are doing is definitely improving my immune system as I am successfully digesting a lot of things I do not usually find easy to digest!”

“I am so much better today – almost pain free! Thank you so much – I am always grateful for your expertise … Love and light and thank you for your continually intuitive and masterful healing”

“I am so much better today – and pain free! Thank you so much – I am always grateful”

Eve De Meza, London


“Amrit Singh is the best professional therapist that I know in London. When he practices Shiatsu you can feel that he really knows what he is doing, his knowledge of the human body is at a high level. So for 6 months now Amrit Singh has been treating me and I really feel better, physically, sleeping better, with fewer hot flushes and no depression. In my opinion Amrit Singh is a professional Healer with traditional therapy”

Chantelle Sukhjeet, London



“I really do benefit from the acupuncture and found the yoga fascinating, although the thought of committing to something like 40 days of 31 minute meditations quite overwhelming! However, this is only time that anyone has told me that there is a way out of the cycle I find myself in and I find that a hugely positive thing to hear”

Sam, London


” After the treatments I felt that my body was lighter with a mellow feeling, the anxiety that I had was less than before. The depressive feeling I had also went down, my mood was happier and more positive. The acupuncture treatment released some trapped energy in my system and the shiatsu benefited as well. “

Saroop Jeer, London


” As a concerned parent I was glad at the treatment provided by Amrit Singh. My son felt relived and relaxed after the treatment every time. His anxiety had subdued and he was feeling peaceful. I could see and sense that some of the pressure and tension was lifting. “

Balbir Singh, London


” Oh gosh what a total relief from the feelings of anxiety and stressful thinking. I feel totally relaxed and calm after the experience. Thank you. “

Carol Miller, London


“Amrit is full of wisdom and his knowledge about veganism, traditional Chinese medicine, and especially kundalini yoga is truly remarkable.

Talking about yoga, you have to be prepared to commit to it as it’s part of coming here. On average we woke up every day around 5am to do a group yoga set which lasts around 2 hours. It was my first time doing yoga and after 2 weeks I felt my body and my spirit totally changed for good.

Besides that, Amrit himself is a really open-minded guy and we had some amazing talks about all and everything in life. You can listen to this man speaking for hours! Also to note he prepared delicious vegan dishes.”

Tanguy, France (Workaway guest)


I had a great adventure in the last minute with Amrit!
Despite they couldn’t be able to host me as a workawayer, Amrit invited me to film a yoga teacher training program which was a really really unique experience for me. I learned a lot of knowledge through the course, and met lots of wonderful people.

Amrit is an excellent teacher, not only on yoga but also toward life. He has such a big warm heart, always be very patient and kind to me, I really appreciate him to give me this filming opportunity and a chance to meet him.

The experience was short but it enriched my life, thank you and wish you all the best!

Lilliana (Taiwan)


This is a special project in a beautiful location. The work is interesting and fulfilling, the food is warm and delicious, the spiritual practice is deeply rewarding. Rasjot and Amrit are kind, inviting and accepting. I highly recommend this project for anyone looking for an uplifting and enlightening workaway experience. This was an experience that i am incredibly grateful for.

Nathan (USA)


:star::star::star::star::star: I dont know where to start… It was one my first experience on WA so far where I felt completely like at home. It was like staying with my family or best friends. I was treated amazingly well and even that I struggled with some of my personal problems I found a deep understanding from both – Amrit and Rascot.

Also my few days experience with morning yoga and meditation and also vegan food gave me new perspektive and helped me to discover new possibilites in my life. Since I left I practise some of things I have learnt there.

It is very rare to find people like this – totaly clear souls with open hearts with absolutely NO judgement – but just understanding. I never felt bad for anything because I was deeply respected as I am.

I wish best luck with finishing your project because you deserve it!!!!!I would like to come back one day and help finish the project to make it work!


Thank you for everything

With love


Marketa (Czechoslovakia)


Joining Amrit and Rajot’s house is like travelling to another beautiful planet. The laws of this planet follow the ones of their souls. Too abstract? Noway! Very concrete. I experienced it with them.
Sharing chanting, yoga and meditation, approaching a creative healthy high-level cuisine.
I never knew a moment, in Amrit and Rajot’s house, when I felt like a foreigner.
Thanks to their values, their sensitivity, their surprising empathy; thanks to Kundalini practice. Priceless.
“Home is where your heart is” said a small inscription upon my workawayer’s bed.
A worm magic welcoming environment: this is their house for me.
Exchanging my filmmaking skills has been a big honour.
Sat Nam!

Angelo (Italy)


I’ve thinking what to write as feedback since I arrive there, but nothing can nearly describe my experience there. And I’m completly honest with this. This experience happened in a stage of a lot of change in me, and the yoga, their safe place, their attentive ears, and their open hearts, made on me the possibility to develop as a person in many areas. It was a short time, but it was the seed of develop that I needed on my inspiring trip.

we had incredible and super intelligent talks about awareness, society, freedom… and they are one of the best cookers I´ve met ever. They were really open to manage the working time as I needed, and always open first to my needs. I had different working challenges with Amrit, and tons of teachings to listen. He was a really inspiring person. And Rasjot, was a sister for me. I really miss her, and our talks about us.

It was less than 3 weeks, but I´m sure that if I would be near them, we would be like family. I really recomend to visit them, and help on their projects.

I really miss you Amrit and Rasjot. I really hope to see you again (I´m waiting, you know where!)
Thank’s you for everything. A huge hug;

Gaspar (Tenerife)


Amazing life changing experience! Both Amrit & Rasjot are superfriendly, spirited, kind-hearted & understanding. I learned so so much in only a few weeks. They are very knowledgeable on a lot of subjects and they answered all my questions (which were a lot hehe) with enthousiast energy & they really made me feel at home. I couldn’t have asked for better hosts, teachers, friends & cooks. Also the projects that they are working on are truly inspiring and beautiful and will make you want go the extra mile. And as if all that wasn’t enough they even let me stay in the house alone for a week when they were making a trip to Holland, with a kitchen stocked to the brim with the most delicious tea’s & amazing foods! Thank you so much again, wishing you guys nothing but the best and really recommend this workaway for anyone who is eager to elevate its spirit, learn, change, broaden its horizon and be part of something beautiful.

Max (The Netherlands)


My stay with Amrit and Rasjot was truly enlightening. I have learned so much about myself, recharged batteries and experienced a new interesting lifestyle. A normal day consists in waking up at 5-6 in the morning, you can join reading the Shabad, we all paractice yoga kundalini, then we chant and meditate, have breakfast, share learnings, eating vegan and gluten free, discussing deep topics, learning from the teachings, and much, much more! Plus working on your volunteer tasks, of course. Their home is a collaborative community where everybody does their best effort with commitment, love, and respect. All “house” tasks are shared. Amrit is a great cook! Sometimes it was challenging, other times it was empowering, it was always rewarding. I also discovered a new path for myself, where I can conciliate my life purpose with my professional side in a great way and I will always be grateful for this. We had a mutually beneficial learning process and it was a very productive three weeks stay. Amrit and Rasjot home is a place of acceptance, healing and lots of cups of great teas 🙂


The following are written by Kundalini

Yoga teacher trainees:


In my own personal spiritual journey I have found Amrit Singh to be an outstanding and authentic teacher. His down-to-earth and straight talking approach is a breath of fresh air in an area often shrouded in mystical jargon. He has a real ability to poke, provoke and elevate’ his students whilst at the same time remaining humble and accessible as a teacher. With an extensive knowledge of Hatha Yoga, Chinese Medicine and Sacred Numerology to draw upon he is also able to really personalise the students experience for maximum results. You would be hard pushed to find a more experienced and genuine teacher working in London today.

Paul Crawford, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Herne Hill


I met Amrit in September 2009 when I began my Aquarian Teachers Training Level 1 at the Karam Kriya School in London. During this time he has been a constant and reliable source of inspiration. Amrit is not just a very experienced yoga teacher; he’s also shared with us his comprehensive knowledge of the human body and alchemy, his deep understanding of the sacred science of numerology and humanology. He taught us in a way that the material remained accessible as well as being open minded and inspiring. Amrit has always been available to us as students if we had questions or needed to discuss personal experiences that the yoga practice provoked or just needed to process further what was said in class. Now I have qualified as a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher, I am very blessed that Amrit is continuing to share his invaluable knowledge with me and others and I know he is there if I need guidance on my path.”

Gian Prakash Kaur, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, London


“Dear Amrit,

On the cusp of a new training weekend, I want to thank you once again for all you offered us over the past two months. Your teaching and presence continue to deeply resonate in my heart.?
I could say so much, but shall limit myself to Re Man Shabad and Ashwagandha for now. Your sharing of these have been massively beautiful for me. I cannot even begin to explain or describe the profound effect chanting Snatam Kaur’s Re (Ray) Man multiple times daily has had. It is as though the chant has become me, and I the chant. So much has been worked through by chanting this with every fibre of my being. I could never tire of it.
Also, the nervous kind of energy I often feel at early afternoon and twilight has transmuted tremendously. I feel the Ashwagandha, alongside the chanting, has much to do with this.
I cannot thank you enough Amrit. Thank you for sharing your deep wisdom, and your very self, with us.
With respect and keeping you in my intentions,
Nicole Schnackenberg


The following are written by those in recovery

from alcohol and drug addiction:


“I found the yoga session very rewarding and therapeutic”

David Kelly, London


“I found the yoga and acupuncture session extremely relaxing and beneficial as part of my recovery. It has taught me to relax and relieve tension in a short time. I feel it would be extremely beneficial weekly if not more often. I’ve never had acupuncture before and am extremely grateful to have had the chance”

Diane Walsh, London


“I found it all very relaxing, especially the chanting. Never really believed in it before but would definitely try it again after today”

Janice Walsh. London


“I am sold on acupuncture and it’s healing abilities”

Karina Reijonen, London


“I have found the sessions with Amrit massively helpful, so much so that I am going to go to his classes outside of allotted sessions. His guidance and therapy have been key in my fight against depression and addiction”

Service user, Turning Point, N7


“When I started having full body acupuncture I was suffering from depression and had motivational problems. During the cause of the treatment (12 sessions) I started to have more energy, was able to do more things and started feeling better about myself

“I have suffered with periods of anxiety for many years and have been experiencing extreme fear and anxiety over the last 6 months. I started going to the yoga sessions and have found they have helped me manage my anxiety. I feel great after and more able to cope with life.

The ear acupuncture sessions have also been of great benefit to me and have also helped me manage my anxiety. I have difficulty relaxing but I always feel relaxed and calm after acupuncture.

I have noticed a considerable change in myself since having the acupuncture and going to the yoga classes. My self esteem has increased and I now go the gym, swimming and do college courses”

Service user, Rugby House


“I have been seeing Amrit for some sessions to help with adjusting to emotional issues after many years of drug use.

The mixture of sessions, sometimes yoga, acupuncture of talking therapy have really helped me to understand a lot about my new clean life and how to cope with things in general.

I found the sessions a great help and I am very glad that I was given this opportunity. I just wanted to write this statement of support so that people can know that this is a great service and I would recommend it to others who are interested. Thank you for reading this”

Diane Cadou, London


“I have been attending one to one sessions with Amrit at N7 for 10 weeks. I have found the sessions extremely enlightening and have acquired invaluable tools for making changes in my life. We have been focusing mainly on some very powerful cleansing exercises within the yoga tradition which I have found quite challenging but with Amrit’s encouragement I have been able to push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. This alone has provided me with a fresh look at myself and the inner power I have available to me which we all have. I have become stronger and more flexible physically and my emotions have been easier to manage. This has also been achieved through a series of meditations which Amrit has taught me. I have found the meditations to be powerful in centering myself and opening myself up to a much wider, safer world.

Having suffered depression and chronic anxiety most of my life it has been a learning experience which I will always treasure. The benefits have motivated me to look further afield for on going classes and teachings in yoga and meditation. The sessions have given me a lot of hope which I am grateful for.

I also benefited from acupuncture which had me feeling unusually relaxed and fearless for the rest of the day.

I would say that the sessions with Amrit have been extremely valuable to me and I’ve learned potentially life-changing tools which I am excited about.

I believe the benefits that these sessions could potentially provide for service users of N7 to be enormous”

Service User, Turning Point N7