Tuning In with Kundalini Yoga

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How To Do It ? ONG starts with the open mouth ?O? sound but soon leads into a nasal sound since the objective is to create a vibration in the sinuses and open up the third eye (pituitary).


This can be assisted by gently pulling up on the perineum (the area between the anus and genitals).


NA MO ? the NA, a bit shorter.? MO slightly elongated.


GURU ? shorter.? DEV ? is sung slightly higher.


And NA MO ? as before.



Purpose ? ONG is the sound of longing ? the desire to merge, to cross the ocean of our life and return to our original state of innocence.


NA MO ? to call on that which carries us across this ocean ? the GURU ? this is commonly translated as that which moves us from darkness or ignorance ? the GU ? the grunt, the groan, into the RU ? the ray (of light), the realisation.? The implication is that we are guided out of the darkness and into the light.


Actually, GU comes from the word GUHA which meant a cave.? If you go to the back of a cave it gets darker.? When it gets as dark as it can be ? in the pitch blackness – there is always still a tiny bright spark of light and then the return into the light, which itself even when it seems most bright still contains a tiny amount of blackness.? This is what we see in the Daoist Yin Yang symbol.? The implication in our life is that in all situations the opposite tendency is there.? So in the darkest part of the night there is still the movement into daylight and in the lightest part of the day there is contained within the darkness of night.? This means that even when we feel under the most extreme pressure and feel without hope the seed of change ? the movement into the light is there.? The challenge is to keep our neutrality so that we can thrive in any circumstances.? In this way we become our own best therapist and ultimately our own guru (teacher).


?If a person has a neutral, sensitive mind, when he must experience a bad time, he can sit down and say, ?Oh God! Wonderful!!? What do you want?? A bad time?? I don?t care.?? That person will communicate, talk and feel the challenge is fun.? He?s not upset.? He knows the night will pass, and there will be a warm day.? He knows he will have a lot of fun, so he preserves his energy for that time.? He keeps himself centred, whole and together.? When the time changes so he can expand, he applies all his energy.? He enjoys it all the way.? That neutral and sophisticated quality of mind has to be developed, trained, created, experienced, tooled, and fitted into all the grooves of habits and action. ??Once you accomplish this, any success in life is possible.? Without this training nothing is possible, except your fate and your old subconscious patterns.? An important part of Kundalini Yoga is to develop the Neutral Mind and its capacity for intelligence, endurance, and integrity.?? Yogi Bhajan.


To continue ?


DEV means invisible and divine, further pointing to the mysterious, unknown aspect of life.


The total explanation is; I call on infinite wisdom to guide me.? Sometimes you may experience tuning in energetically as coming down and in or sometimes more you feel the sound more internally.? Actually it is both simultaneously since we are establishing a relationship between the finite and the infinite; – the purpose of yoga; it is us calling on our own inner wisdom or teacher and the wisdom of the infinite, or our collective unconscious, if you prefer.? By tuning in we are given the opportunity to neutralise what has gone before we arrive at our yoga mat and make a connection to the highest part of us.



2nd part





How To Do It ? In a monotone the ending on NAMEH is clipped; there is no extension on the ?H?



Purpose ? This mantra creates a protective field of energy by balancing the 5 elements.



GURAY NAMEH ? identifying, naming


AD GURAY NAMEH ? AD means primal or first and relates to the earth element,


JUGAD GURAY NAMEH ? (jug jug ? running like a river) ? identifying with the guru through the times, relates to the water element


SAT GURAY NAMEH ? Truth revealed through the fire element and the burning of impurity


SIRI GURDEVAY NAMEH ? Great respect to the Guru of all Gurus

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