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Alignment and Flow in Kundalini Yoga

Alignment and Flow in Kundalini Yoga.? ? A workshop for teachers and those with some experience of Kundalini Yoga “If you don’t have rhythm you can’t be virtuous” YB. As Kundalini yogis it is assumed that we have become conscious that we have resistance to change, otherwise we would not recognize the need for a […]

Mantra, shabd and the yoga of sound

Shabd Guru – the yoga of sound Kundalini yoga uses mantras and shabds during meditations and they form an important part of Kundalini yoga classes and teacher training. They are used because shabd guru is a particularly powerful solution to the problems of the times. Sha = the ego. Bd = to cut. It is […]

The problems of these times

Problems of these times Chronic illness, including changes happening at a cellular level (for example cancer is the uncontrolled division of abnormal cells), auto immune disease (the system that would normally protect you starts attacking you), hormonal imbalances leading to disturbed sleep patterns and mood swings including irritability and anger, sugar cravings, high/low blood pressure, […]

Presence and Power, Attitude and Energy

Attitude and Energy There are many claims made for healing at an energetic level and many claiming ?everything is just energy? Thankfully most people don’t expect to be completely healed by visiting a health practitioner and often the most stubborn health issue/s (usually one or two) don’t ever completely resolve however long you have treatment […]

How is growing up different for men and women

Differences between men and women in the transition from child to adult Problems for men The male has extra challenges at birth. Yogic teachings say that ‘acid bath? numbs the right hemisphere of the brain. This can be balanced during pregnancy, in child raising, and by the maturing adult?s decision to give birth to his […]

Quick meals

Quick meals (once you have a stock!) Chickpea Soup (River Cottage,?light and easy,?Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – a favourite cook book) Serves 2 – 4  

Your organs are characters in the story of your life

Healing from the inside out Considering the story of your life; every organ is a character with a special role to play. Depending on health and lifestyle choices, organs can become friends or foes. Learn how to harmonize your inner supporting cast; achieving inner health, harmony and peace. Your organs are people! The 10 major […]

The eternal soul

Despite all of our efforts to keep healthy the body is complex and paradoxical. After the loss of our premature baby boy at 15 hours old it was revealed that my wife had liver disease from an unknown cause and needed a new one. Life’s big challenges, and a regular kundalini yoga practice, remind us […]

Mental Health and Choice

Everyone’s life is full of all kind of symptoms and co-morbidities. It is just a matter of a continuum. Some have more, others less. The same with health and the balance between the life instinct and the death instinct. Everyone is always in the midst of that struggle and each is in a different place […]

Favourite recipies

The following books and recipes have been used frequently by me over the years;   River Cottage – light and easy – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. This is a wheat and milk free cook book. I've found some that are also gluten and sugar free and many that are egg free and that also follow food combining principles. Here […]